About our Services

Information: Sometimes you need background information to start a new project or to advance a current project. Are you too busy to gather information on your own or uncomfortable with deciphering technical references? Contact us.  We can "Conduct a Comprehensive Reference Search."  References that suit your needs will be compiled per your request. We can "Prepare Summary Reports."  For an additional fee, we can prepare a summary report that highlights pertinent information in each reference.  The summary report is designed to highlight items of interest per your request. 

Materials:  Are you looking for vendors that can provide a specific product?  We can help.  Our materials service is designed to connect you to the materials that you need. Based on your request we search for companies and that can market products that you need to complete projects.

People: Collaboration is often the key to success for science and engineering projects.  Are you having trouble finding appropriate collaborators? We can help.  Our People Service connects you to people who can provide the technical expertise that your business or project needs.